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Mason Jar Cocktails

Mason Jar Cocktails

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Simplify your cocktail experience with more than 150 easy and delicious recipes for your Mason jar.

Do you really need a specific glass for each drink? Bartenders might tell you so, but the home mixologist needn’t worry. Put away those expensive glasses and uncomplicate your home happy hour with Mason Jar Cocktails, Expanded Edition. Try new cocktail recipes without the stress with easy-to-follow recipes and tools you can find right at home, including:

- Mason Jar Gin Fizz
- Long Island Iced Tea
- Mint Julep
- Caribbean Rum Punch
- Virgin Mudslide
- Frozen Hemingway Daiquiri
- Tropical Spiced Rum
- Mexican Mule
- Tom Collins
- Strawberry Gin Mojito
- Mason Jar Sangria

Enjoy your favorite classics without the hassle of finding a Collins or Old Fashioned glass. Serve up every kind of cocktail with the versatile, practical, and charming Mason jar, including non-alcoholic recipes for younger party guests. This book includes cocktails for all seasons, so you can relax in the sun with a Mason jar piña colada, kick back with a spicy fall sangria, and get cozy in front of the fire with some tequila hot chocolate. Combine the best aspects of your favorite creative cocktails with the rustic simplicity of the Mason jar, so you’ll be sipping at that martini with country living style with Mason Jar Cocktails, Expanded Edition.

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